A fundraiser for Hodgdon High School's Project Graduation is upsetting some parents because it involves a gun raffle.

The parent hosting the fundraiser is also the owner of MAC's Trading Post in Houlton, which holds gun raffles for several organizations. But, in the current climate of unrest due to multiple school shootings, it has some parents upset to think that a gun would be raffled off to benefit a school program.

Michelle Crane explains it on her Facebook page, stating that the two are only connected in the smallest sense. The money will be given to the program that provides an alcohol-and-drug-free party for graduates. But the raffle is being held in the gun shop, and all applicable laws apply. The only people eligible to buy raffle tickets are adults and they will have to pass all the necessary background checks.

Still, parents and community members are speaking out on social media, calling it inappropriate. We'd like to know what you think about this situation. Do you agree with the raffle or think that it sends the wrong message?

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