It didn't take long of me being in Maine to realize the local restaurants and businesses are impressive.

It's human nature, however, to always see the greener grass on the other side, and I've heard many Mainers share their desires for chains to open up in their respective towns. Maine is actually in the top 10 states with the LEAST amount of chain restaurants per capita.

So, Ms. Cindy and I asked you on the Q106.5 Facebook and Instagram, what businesses you would like to see open up in your area. Here are your top responses.

This Was the Most Requested Store by Our Listeners in Maine

A closed and abandoned Kmart building in the Town of Poughkeepsie in New York.

Kmart was probably the most popular response from Q106.5 listeners on our social media platforms. Bad news, Kmart has been struggling as you probably know. There are only 12 stores in the US left open as of April 2024, with the closest to Maine being the three in New York.

Kmart Australia
David Bugenske/TSM Maine - Kmart Australia

If you REALLY love Kmart, the store is extremely popular and thriving down under. There are currently over 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand! You just need to take a short flight.

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Moms Need Stores, too in Maine

"Any store for pregnant women...
I'm so tired of guessing if things will fit. Yes, Kohls, Target and Walmart all have a tiny selection but it's not the same as Motherhood or other maternity stores." - Kayla
Row of pregnant women

I think Kayla said it brilliantly and I completely agree. As if I were going to disagree with a pregnant woman ever, over anything anyway. I'm no dummy. And if you do disagree with Kayla sentiments, then you may wish that a tactical armor shop opens up in your town.

Cracker Barrel is a Business That Needs to Show up in Maine

There are 662 Cracker Barrel locations in 45 of the United States, and Maine IS one of them.

Cracker Barrel
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

However, the one Cracker Barrel that does exist is BARELY in Maine. It is located near Maine Mall in South Portland. After South Portland, Cracker Barrels are all over I-95.

Buffets, Buffets, and Another Helping of Buffets Are Businesses We Want in Maine

food buffet in restaurant

Golden Corral's are located in 40 of the United States. Maine would be on that unfortunate list of 10.

Many listeners shared that even if it weren't Golden Corral, ANY buffet would do. There could be an argument made that Hannaford has a salad bar and warm food bar at locations that could be similar to a buffet, but I get it. It's not all you can eat and there is no sundae bar for after you have been gluttonous and over satiated.

Honorable Mentions for Top Businesses Wanted in Maine

Verreaux's eagle-owl, Bubo lacteus, wearing glasses and a bow tie

Josh from Old Town wants a Hooters. Hooters has great wings and provides a great (cough) environment to watch the games. Unfortunately, Maine is one of the 8 states that does NOT have this popular wing spot.

David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Costco was also requested by several listeners. While I very much appreciate the cleanliness, customer service, and low foot traffic of the Sam's Club in Maine, I do wish I had a closer Costco to visit other than Portland.

Please continue to share which businesses you would like to see in our town, and who knows, maybe an entrepreneur will see this and start making your shopping and dining dreams come true.

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