A Sebago woman has been indicted for theft by deception for allegedly lying about a cancer diagnosis in order to solicit donations.

WCSH-TV reports 25-year-old Hillary McLellan allegedly told friends and her employer that she had cancer. The community rallied around her, with local residents and business owners donating money to help her with her medical expenses. And her employer held a fundraiser at the Depot Street Tap House, where she worked, raising even more funds. In all, the woman received roughly $10,000 in donations.

On January 31st, the owner of the Tap House posted on the business's Facebook page that the employee had duped them all. It goes on to say that the owner would pursue prosecution, if that was the direction law enforcement wanted to go. And the owner asks that the community not berate the woman's family, as they were innocent in the deception.

McLellan told WCSH-TV that there's more to the story, but her lawyer hasn't allowed her to say anymore.

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