Say it ain't so.  The official Scrabble dictionary is adding 300 new words. I get that they have to attract new, younger players to the game. I also understand they have to sell new official Scrabble dictionaries to those of us who already have one. However, part  of the old fart in me says why does everything have to be geared to younger and newer players. I admit, I'm a Scrabble nerd. A geek. I play all the time. And if they have to add new words like 'twerk', I'm okay with it. Notice how I spelled okay. O-K-A-Y. Not ok. Yes, they've added 'ok'. And 'ew.  And the one that really makes me scream 'Hey kids, get off my lawn', they're considering 'RBI'. RBI stands for runs batted in, and people pronounce RBI as 'ribbie'.  But that doesn't mean they have to add RBI, does it? Let me go as far as to say that if you need 'ok' to be a word to play're probably not going to play Scrabble. I propose that when I play, we use the old Scrabble dictionary, and leave the new one to the 'newbies'.  Is newbies a word?

Scott Miller