An unlicensed Massachusetts man who was driving his motorized scooter on the Maine Turnpike and using his cellphone as a headlight is facing multiple charges.

Maine State Police say the scooter was stopped just before 1:30 Friday morning, as it was traveling northbound in Kittery. The 26-year-old male driver told authorities that he had traveled from New Bedford, Massachusetts, using only his cell phone as a headlight. A check of his credentials revealed that he also doesn't have a valid driver's license and the scooter isn't registered. Police said in an Instagram post that it was lucky he only managed to get a few miles into Maine before being stopped, since he was very difficult to see without any lights.

The incident has prompted a reminder from the police that mopeds and motorized scooters are prohibited on the Maine Turnpike. In addition, a moped or motorized scooter may not be operated by someone who does not possess a valid driver's license of any class or a license specifically endorsed to operate a motorcycle or moped, and is not allowed on any roadway (such as interstate highways) in which bicycles are prohibited.

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