This would traditionally be a time to do the Back To School shopping, but I’m thinking not every Mom is rushing out and getting new shoes and pants and dresses for the kids.  Not this year.

Christmas is the biggest sales season of the year, followed in second place by Back to School shopping. Unfortunately for retailers this back to school period sure looks like it’s going to be a bummer.  Even if your kids are going back to learning at school instead of remotely at home, are you out getting new clothes?  Probably not. However basic school supplies like pens and notebooks and folders and binders are still on Mom’s list.

Some schools are considering outdoor classrooms.  Five Town Community School District in Camden/Rockport one of them.  I used to love when we got to go outside for English class or History.  But I think by December and January that idea might be questioned.

Back to clothing. It’s not just school clothing that is in a sales slump.  With so many people working from home, and wearing sweat pants or shorts, even blue jean sales are down. Way down. The Washington Post reports Levi’s had a 62 per cent drop in revenue for the second quarter of 2020.

So we’re not wearing jeans, well we’re not wearing suits much anymore either, and men’s suits may not survive the Pandemic. Men’s business suits are being worn less and less over the past few years, and this year it’s predicted another 24% plunge in sales is expected.



The days of wearing suits to work, weddings and funerals may be days of yore.  And we’re not complaining


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