If, or this time of year, when someone mentions the word ‘scary’ your thought process  probably conjures up Halloween.

However what if scary was part of a prank anytime.

Admittedly we here at Q106.5 get to have a pretty good time when we are supposed to be working.  Maybe that needs to be re-phrased. The point is yes we enjoy working here and having fun getting the job done each and every day. No matter the season.

So let the story of a couple mostly behind the scenes co-workers unfold. By behind the scenes, the meaning is not Dee Jays.

They are definitely part of the scene. Very active in the “Squirt guns in the Hallways” scene.

Katie is a Multi Media Marketing Specialist for our cluster of radio stations. Thom is the Production Director. You have heard Thom's voice.  Trust me.

Here are those co-workers interacting while on the j.o.b.

Pretty tame, and quite humorous to ‘scare’ somebody.

How about coming into work and finding your office door closed, and when you open it there are dozens, no hundreds of balloons everywhere. Here’s only a few of the survivors.

TownsquareMedia Bangor
TownsquareMedia Bangor

That’s getting close to “Is this funny, or just a pain”.

On to the next prank Katie.

Thom leaves work one afternoon and goes to his car.

TownsquareMedia Bangor
TownsquareMedia Bangor

Ho Ho Ho.

Have fun at work today. And remember if you enjoy what you’re doing, you will never work a day in your life, or whatever it is they say.

And Katie, you keep after Thom and never select a different co-worker who might not take things in stride like he does. Get my meaning?

Is it Friday yet?

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