Police in Maine say two out-of-state men are accused of stealing credit card applications from mailboxes and applying for the cards.

All those credit card applications can get pretty annoying, cluttering up our mailboxes. But, if you've suddenly stopped receiving them, police encourage you to check your credit statements. In fact, all Mainers should take a close look, to make sure there aren't any cards in their name that they didn't apply for.

During a traffic stop on Tuesday, Kennebunkport Police arrested 24-year-old Mohamed Salboy Wisman of New Jersey and 22-year-old Arnold Toro Koroma of Ohio, in connection with stolen credit cards. A local resident had reported the car to police earlier in the week, after noticing it stopping at mailboxes in town. Investigators believe the men were taking credit card offers from the mailboxes, applying for the cards, and then returning to collect the new cards before the victims saw them.

Residents are encouraged to look for any unusual transactions on their credit history and contact local police, if they find a problem. Most of the cards appear to have been issued through Capital One and Key Bank. The investigation is ongoing and police say will likely involve other communities, so all Mainers would be wise to keep an eye on their credit. The car pictured (above) is similar to the one used by the suspects. Anyone who thinks they may have seen a vehicle like this one stopping at mailboxes is asked to contact Kennebunkport Police at (207) 967-2454.

Wisman is charged with Operating Without a License while Koroma is charged wtih Receiving Stolen Property. Both were taken to the York County Jail and are due to make their first court appearance in July.

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