It may not be true, but it sure is funny to think about!

Getty Images , Michael Smith
Getty Images , Michael Smith

According to famous satire website 'The Onion', Yellowstone National Park is moving it's most famous landmark to Acadia National Park. The headline reads " Yellowstone Places Old Faithful on 6-month Loan to Acadia National Park".

According to this (totally false) report:

"the geyser would be installed at the base of Acadia’s Beech Mountain Trail and that access to it would be included in the regular park admission fee."

In return for the geyser we would let them borrow Cadillac Mountain! Sounds like a fair trade to me! They also mention how they would be transporting the geyser without damaging it.

"in order to ensure the massive geyser would not be damaged in transit, it would be shipped in multiple parts and carefully reassembled upon arrival."

While obviously none of this is true, it gave us a good laugh! Read the full article on 'The Onion' here.


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