It usually takes me awhile to get in the Christmas spirit. I typically don't catch the holiday cheer until the final days before Christmas, but the excitement came early this year, at least by my standards.

I officially got in the Christmas mood Saturday morning, when a group of maybe half a dozen women stormed through the Laundry Basket on Husson Avenue and handed out gifts as customers washed and folded their laundry. The video at the top of the story shows Scott Miller and I talking about the women Monday on the Q106.5 Morning Show.

As the women entered the building, I immediately knew what was happening and thought to myself, "Oh my god, I'm in the midst of a secret Santa-type situation!"

I've always enjoyed those feel-good stories you hear about this time of year, like the anonymous couple who payed off $10,000 in layaway items at the South Portland Toys R Us or the waitress at the Denny's in Ellsworth who received a $500 tip.

On Saturday, I was given a $10 roll of quarters and a little elf doll, while others received gift cards. One customer, wearing a big smile and seemingly overcome with holiday joy, excitedly showed me the Subway gift certificate she had received.

The $10 in quarters will pay for next weekend's trip to the laundromat, and I will happily take advantage of that. But what really put me in the holiday spirit, and perhaps this is the same case for the woman with a free sub coming her way, was the kindness and generosity of complete strangers. Their joy was contagious, and there was no stopping the smile they put on my face.

Like I said, I typically don't catch the Christmas cheer until the last few days before the holiday. I'm a last-minute Christmas shopper, and buying and wrapping presents for loved ones is often what puts me in the holiday spirit.

Thanks to the kind women who visited the Laundry Basket Saturday, I'm in the mood for Christmas early this year. Now all I have to do is buy some presents.

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