In this humble DJ's opinion, there are some things that should always be above politics. And despite the fact we're having this governmental shutdown that is affecting all sorts of areas of federal jobs, it's good to see that somewhere, someone has their priorities straight and is not messing around with the progress of Santa that NORAD tracks every year.

Most people know the story of how a simple typo changed everything back in 1955... A simple typo in the newspaper that supposed to be a direct number to Santa Clause, turned out to be the secret phone number to the Continental Air Defense Command, which is now known as NORAD, according to NPR.

As more and more children were calling, a couple of airmen were put to the task of pretending to be Santa Clause on the phone, and keep the kids happy. When someone drew a sleigh on their air traffic control map, the commander of the base thought it was funny. Funny enough to call a local radio station and tell them they were tracking a UFO that matched the description of Santa's sleigh. Fast forward 60 years.... and here we are, still tracking Santa.

So here we are, all these years later, and in the middle of political gobbledy-guck. But the tradition of making kids happy at Christmas, thankfully, is something that seems to be above all the crap that's going on. And I, for one, think that is absolutely fantastic, and shows that there are a few folks out there in the middle of all that mess, that haven't forgotten what Christmas is actually about.

If you want the latest information on Santa's whereabouts on tonight, call 1-877-HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) or email

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