Romeo Crennel, the former Defensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots, and three-time Super Bowl champion, witnessed something on Saturday morning that you hope to never, ever see in your lifetime. 

One of his players and friends took his own life. Former U Maine football player, Jovan Belcher shot himself in front of coach Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli Saturday morning at Arrowhead Stadium after apparently murdering his girlfriend earlier at another location.

Through this tragedy, Crennel was able to hold the team together, record their first home victory of the season, probably the Chiefs finest performance in a long time, and at the lead, a man all of us New England Patriots fans will always hold near and dear to our hearts for helping to give us three Super Bowl rings.

So whatever his win/loss total will be at the end of his long football career, Romeo Crennel has been, and always will be a True Class Act.