Folks in the Bangor area last night might have been startled by the loud roar of jet engines.

Though it's not uncommon to hear the dull roar of the hustle and bustle at Bangor International Airport, these were some special guests.

Bangor Mayor Ben Sprague shared a photo of some of the fighter jets that stopped in Bangor early and later this morning. The jets have been stopping in Bangor the past two days. 3315 Aviation confirmed that the jets are German Luftwaffe Typhoons and Tornados. The jets were training out west and are heading back to Germany.

Eurofighter Typhoon
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

Bangor has been popular pit-stop for fighter jets en route to and from training exercises. In the past, BIA has been visited by Israeli F-16 fighter jets and last summer military B-1 Lancers.

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