The annual River Driver's Supper is being held tonight in Lincoln and most of the meal is cooked over an open fire.

What is the River Driver's Supper?

I grew up going to bean hole bean suppers, as part of my family's camping excursions. If we were staying in a community and saw that they were having a bean supper, we'd often stop by for dinner. There's nothing like the taste of beans that have been cooked over coals, buried in the ground.

But the folks in Lincoln take the tradition a few steps further. They recreate the way the men who used to drive logs down the Penobscot would fix dinner. That means, bean hole beans, biscuits baked in reflector ovens, and coffee cooked over roaring fires. Add in some hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, water, punch, and delicious desserts, and it's quite a feast.

Would You Want to Stand in Front of These Fires Today?

I don't know how they do it, but it seems like the day of the event is always super hot, and today is no exception. I filmed this video of the open fires on the 70th anniversary. Now imagine yourself tending those fires in today's 90+ degree temperatures. I hope they have a lot of water for these folks and maybe a sprinkler for them to run through.

The River Driver's Supper is put on by volunteers from the local Congregational church and is held at Ludden Field. It starts at 4:00, and I'd plan to be on time, if not a little early. The line always starts forming even before the beans are done. Take your sunglasses and your appetite, because they serve up generous portions. Oh, and they also have take-out containers, so you can buy some beans to take home.

What If It Rains This Afternoon?

It's all part of the annual Loon Festival, which features a parade, fireworks, and a lot more. By the way, if it rains this afternoon, the River Driver's Supper will be served up at the First Congregational Church, 19 School Street in Lincoln.

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