Maine is home to its fair share of ghost stories. You don't have to look far to find tales of haunted bridges, restaurants or college campuses. Those urban legends require a little imagination to fill in the blanks. Non-believers may claim they need to come face-to-face with a ghost before they're convinced. Does exhibit A work for you?

Shared on Facebook by Bennett Gray, take a look at this incredibly rare "ghost" lobster caught off the coast of Stonington, Maine on Monday. The rarity of albino/white lobsters is up for for a little debate, but some have it as a 1-in-100 million catch. That really does make it a ghost of sorts in Maine's ocean.

So should you keep a ghost? The answer for Bennett Gray is no. In the comments section on his post, he shared that his intention was to notch the tail of this female albino lobster and send her back into the ocean. The "notching" process is an important marker letting other commercial lobstermen know that they cannot hold on to this particular lobster.

Catching rare-colored lobsters has become big news in recent years. Blue, cotton candy, polka-dotted and bright orange lobsters have all been pulled from various points along Maine's coastline. Some have been given to research facilities or aquariums, others have simply been thrown back. In this case, it was probably wise to send the ghost back where she came from just days before Halloween. Nobody needs to be haunted by lobster.

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