I wanted to offer my respect and thanks to the city, state, and private plow truck drivers who have worked tirelessly this week to clear a ridiculous amount of snow.

As someone who drives to work before 5:00 in the morning, I greatly appreciate the folks who are out in the middle of the night, pushing the snow off the streets and sanding the many icy areas. While many of us were hunkered down in our homes on Monday, waiting out the blizzard, these folks were doing their best to keep up with the falling snow. And it was a losing battle, for the most part. Anyone who tried to shovel their yards partway through the day can attest to that. It filled back in almost as soon as you were emptying your shovel.

The plow truck drivers and state officials have come under some fire this week after plows were temporarily pulled off the streets, due to whiteout conditions. But the reality is, if they have to repeatedly pull plows out of ditches because they can't see where the road is, then the day ends the same way, with a period of time when that plow wasn't running. Better to protect the lives of the drivers. The snow's not going anywhere. It will still be there and available to clear when the visibility improves.

Another impressive sight to me, when I drive to work before dawn, is the number of private plow truck drivers on the road, in parking lots and private driveways, making sure others can get to work in the morning, and have a place to leave their vehicle once they get there. I'm sure many of them would rather be snuggled in bed rather than spending the night in a cold truck.

So, let me just say a big THANK YOU to everyone who is battling the snow on a weekly or even daily basis. We appreciate what you do!

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