Every April 28 is National Superhero Day. You may have seen friends, family members, people you don't know why you follow them on social media, post about their favorite superhero this week.

While I enjoy the movies, these "national" days seem frivolous. This day did get me thinking, however, especially as a newbie to the area.

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Mainers are unique and diverse and so far, much kinder and patient than what I've experienced in communities in other parts of the great USA.

So, if Mainers were called to replace superheroes, who would be most suitable to replace these caped crusaders? Here's my perspective, and let's begin with one of the pinnacle of superheroes.

If Superman Came to Maine Looking for Mainers to Replace Him, it Would be ...

Superman Movie Poster
Warner Bros.

Look, in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. Well, no. It's a helicopter. It's LifeFlight of Maine. LifeFlight of Maine is Maine's only ambulance in the air and for the past 25 years has cared for over 37,000 patients. LifeFlight recently responded to an ATV accident where they rescued a man by racing him to Bangor's Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center.

LifeFlight Helicopter, courtesty of LifeFlight of Maine Facebook
LifeFlight Helicopter, courtesy of LifeFlight of Maine Facebook

If Batman Came to Maine Looking for Mainers to Replace Him, Who Would it Be?

Batman Movie Poster
Warner Bros.

Who shows up in the night when summoned by a signal? The signal part is a slight stretch, but MaineDOT works through the night often when the 8,300 miles of state roads need to be cleared of ice and snow to protect the drivers of Gotham ... I mean Maine. "Batman" didn't have to do much work as far as snow and ice this year, but not every Batman film has had the best villains to fight either.

Kevin Bennett Photo
Kevin Bennett Photo

If Hulk Came to Maine looking for Mainers to Replace Him, Who Would it Be?

Lou Ferrigno with Hulk
GettyImages/Ari Perilstein

Maine was created by these metaphorical Hulks, and you need to be able to "Hulk Smash" to do the job. I'm talking about loggers. Logging is consistently rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world with several on-the-job fatalities occurring annually. Hulk would be fortunate to have Maine loggers to give him a break as they have been around since the 17th century.

If Aquaman Came to Maine Looking for a Mainer Replacement, Who Would It Be?

Aquaman Movie Poster
Warner Bros.

The most dangerous job behind loggers is the obvious choice for Aquaman because they too know the seas and battle them constantly. Fishermen. I can see the blatantly clear conflict here that if a Maine fisherman were to catch some of Aquaman's relatives, we would probably eat them in a roll. Nobody is braver or more suitable for giving this superhero a reprieve from his duties. Maine's fishermen are some of the hardest workers in the world. 

Lobstermen Carry On In Long Island Sound

If The Flash Came to Maine Looking for a Mainer Replacement, Who Would It Be?

The Flash
GettyImages/Mike Coppola

The Flash comes to the rescue when people need to be saved expeditiously. The obvious Mainer to replace this superhero would be the men and women who seem to never tire and get things done for the citizens of Maine in a ... flash ... while facing perpetual dangers. Lineman. Just a couple of weeks ago, a Maine lineman worked tirelessly until 350,000 customers had their power restored. They are without question, the people we need to replace the superhero, The Flash.

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