Our New England Ribfest Country Headliner, Terri Clark, once did a version of her hit song 'I Wanna Do It All' to include the line 'watch the Pats play ball.'

Back in the day, as my kids would say, record companies used to do lots of little tricks to get their artists' songs played on the radio. Usually, the special effort wasn't needed, especially if the song was as good as Terri Clark's song, that would go on to reach Number 3 on the Billboard charts in 2003. But the new version certainly got a lot of airplay on Q-106.5, because we love our Patriots! (and we love Terri Clark!)

I couldn't find a video for the Patriots version. But you can sing along with this one, and yell out 'Pats' instead of Yankees! And don't miss Terri Clark when she comes to New England Ribfest on September 16th! Country Gold's Rowdy Yates will be there, along with lots of award-winning rib masters. Get your tickets now!

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