Looking through my Facebook 'On this day' file, I found this gem from 3 years ago, when a Broadway singer/actor popped up in Hannaford as part of a flash mob!

His name is Roosevelt Andre Credit and I'm sure, before this day in 2014, he probably never guessed he'd be part of a flash mob in a Bangor, Maine grocery store. But that's what he did, along with members of the First United Methodist Church of Bangor.

It's fun to watch the reactions of other patrons at Hannaford on Broadway in Bangor as this tall man in large headphones starts singing 'This Little Light Of Mine.' They seem amused and maybe a little concerned about why he'd be singing loudly to himself. But when others join in, you can hear the laughter and applause.

It's been three years, but this video still makes me smile and sing along!

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