My mom has a friend that LOVES animals. Most of us do. But we're talking about something else, that's a little over the top. For instance, when I was a kid, we over to this person's house one time, and there was a baby deer running around the house with a diaper on. She was convinced that the mother had left it behind. Maybe so. But it's more likely the mother was spooked and hiding nearby.

Apparently, this is enough of a thing, that the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife put out on an article on their website, warning people that they should just leave baby animals where they found them. In fact, they have coined a little slogan, just to keep people doing the right thing.

If you care, leave them there.

Everyone loves a good couplet right? They're basic advice, is to leave it alone, because it's most likely just fine. But if you're absolutely positive that the poor critter is in danger of some kind, contact the MDIFW, and they will look into it.

And to be fair, people really only seem to think cute animals are in danger. I've never met anyone that thought a skunk was in dire need of medical attention. Seriously! They might need your help too. But again, likely, Momma is just steps away.

It's great that folks want to help, but often you're just putting the animal in more danger by touching it. Some animals won't come back to a baby that's been handled by humans. Or, you could be putting yourself in harm's way. You might think that baby moose is in trouble, but it's mom might be on her way over to set you straight on that.

All in all, just remember.... If you care, leave them there.

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