Rebecca's in Bangor doesn't have their upside-down tree this year but has replaced it with one that has a very sweet story about a local businesswoman.

Why Was the Tree Upside Down?

For the past several years, it's been a sight that brought people to Downtown Bangor. Ever since Rebecca's moved from Central Street to Main Street, the owners would hang their Christmas tree from the ceiling, upside-down. The fullest part of the tree would be against the ceiling while the star at the 'top' would actually be closest to the floor. The sheer physics of getting ornaments to stay on the tree and look beautiful (which they always did) was mind-boggling. It was such a unique sight, people would stop by just to see it.

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Why Don't They Have the Tree This Year?

But this year, the store's 38th in downtown Bangor, owners Rick and Rebecca Vigue decided to do things a little differently. They had been cleaning out their basement when they came across boxes of beautiful ornaments given to them by the family of Helen Libby after she passed away years ago. They wanted to honor her memory, so decided to keep the tree in the traditional position and fill it and the window with the decorations that used to grace Helen's store.

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What's the Sweet Story?

The relationship between these shopkeepers is reminiscent of Macy's Santa from 'Miracle on 34th Street.' The Vigues and Rebecca's always enjoyed a mutual respect with the Broadway Shopping Center Hallmark store Helen owned. Whenever customers couldn't find what they were looking for in Helen's store, she would send them to Rebecca's. And the Vigue's would do the same, in kind. In an email, the couple described how they felt when they found Helen's decorations.

The discovery of those treasures reminded us of how Helen was such a wonderful lady. Those memories prompted us to dedicate the front window to her and show off her beautiful decorations.

While doing your holiday shopping, stop by the windows at Rebecca's on Main Street and remember that story. The decorations are festive and the reason for them will warm your heart. It's a testament to our very own Miracle on Main Street.

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