A reality television show about a Maine woman who has built a business around moose poop creations will debut tonight on truTV.

Mary Winchenbach makes some pretty creative novelty items, including moose poop clocks, poopsicles (not for eating), poop mobiles, and more. The creativity of Mary and her team of helpers is as limitless as the supply of moose scat in Maine. And that's good, because Mary's going to need lots of scat when the country gets all the poop on the cool things she makes.

Her fame first began when the Common Ground Fair featured a video of Mary talking about her business. She's a very engaging person, who talks passionately about this enterprise that she hopes will bring her family a fortune. And it might happen after her reality show, 'TirdyWorks,' debuts tonight on truTV. Starting at 10 p.m, we'll be introduced to her wife, her helpers, and the bitch on the hill.

Good luck, Mary. We'll be watching and deciding which TirdyWorks novelties we want to add to our homes.

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