Okay musician wannabes, listen up! We've all ventured into a music equipment store at one time or another. Sometimes the store foot traffic is slow, sometimes it busy, but one thing is incredibly clear, the temptation for browsers to pluck or strum strings on a guitar, or hit a drum head is almost impossible. It's like the instrument is calling you to 'just do it!' All the while, the store employee has to endure the cacophony that at times must resemble the emanations of the deepest parts of hell. And they do it with a big smile and a nod of 'okay' as they look in the direction of a discordant 'Smoke on the Water' being played out on a high end Fender Strat.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes (rarely, really) a skilled instrumentalist will pick up an ax and play a medley of songs with nary a missed note or muted string. But wait, that same person may decide to put on a concert playing every song in their repertoire, which may go on for hours. Then, that same person will gently place the guitar back on the rack and walk out with never any intention of buying anything. You gotta know that it drives music store employees crazy.

But what does it sound like when the store is full of really bad musician wannabes?

Check it out: