Already vaccinated? You have been asked to get a booster shot in the future.

As expected, U.S. health officials are recommending that all Americans who are vaccinated against Covid-19 get a booster shot 8 months after they got the second dose of their original Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations. If you got Johnson & Johnson a booster is probable, but they are waiting for more data.

As the Delta variant has been surging across the country, and it has been suggested that the vaccine's effectiveness declines over time.

Also, the Transportation Security Administration announced that the requirement to wear a face mask on airplanes, trains, buses, and at airports is being extended into January 2022.

Acadia National Park announced masks need to be worn, as have some businesses.

And Maine Center for Disease Control reported the delta variant is dominating the latest number of cases.  The state has had an uptick in daily new cases.  In their week-to-week comparisons, new cases have risen from 92 new cases per day at the beginning of August to 176 new cases reported per day this week.

One might predict that as we are starting to slip backward in our progress, even though Maine remains near the top of the ranking of safest states in the country, that next step might well be a booster shot for further protection.

However, an observation that might not need to be pointed out is that almost 100% of the new cases are with those who have not been vaccinated. Think about it.

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