Sometimes, in this environmental climate (no pun intended), we don't get a lot of good news when it comes to plants and animals. It always seems like this or that plant or animal is always on the verge of extinction. Be it the honey bee, or the Blue Whale, or whatever...all we usually hear is the bad stuff.

So it was great to hear this week that a rare plant, pretty much thought to be extinct in this region, has made an out-of-nowhere appearance. The Unicorn Plant, or White Colic Root, has been spotted growing on private property down in Bowdoin. And the best part? It's not just a tiny bit of it, but this particular area is covered in it. Which is great news for botanists looking to study the plant.

According to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry this plant likes to grow in either tall grassy areas, or in sandy damp areas. the field they were discovered in was the latter. It's a tall stemmy plant with rough-ish, little white flowers. It's not necessarily much to look at, but again, this plant hasn't even been seen in Maine for 130 years! So obviously this a pretty big deal.

Here's a photo:

Photo: MDACF via Facebook
Photo: MDACF via Facebook

I just think it's super awesome that something once thought gone, is now potentially thriving again here in Maine. Maybe we can be an example? Not sure. This may a fluke. But if not, then Maine is re-growing itself, one little plant at a time!


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