The Maine Forest Service is warning residents of an active fire season, as warm weather and dry conditions continue.

Have you noticed all the falling leaves lately? It's so dry throughout the state, leaves that should be turning color are falling off the trees and covering the ground. Forest Rangers say all those leaves act as fuel for any spark, so it's an active fire season right now.

Most of what they're seeing involve campers who have left a campsite without extinguishing their fire. The flames catch on all the dry tinder and spread very quickly. Mainers are urged to be vigilant with any outdoor burning, making sure to never leave the fire unattended and to put it completely out when they're through.

Obviously, smoking materials are another concern, and should be extinguished rather than thrown on the ground. And later this week, when the weather turns colder, be sure to store any fireplace or wood stove ashes in a covered, non-flammable container until they're cold.

Remember, permits are required for any outdoor burning in Maine. For more information or to obtain a permit, log onto the Maine Forest Service website.

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