Having been on the air for many years now, I have shared countless personal things about me, my family, and friends. Sometimes listeners will respond with a call or an email, either thanking me for sharing and be so forthcoming, or sometimes just the opposite. But there's is one thing I don't believe I've talked about, and one day it may end my career.

For a few years now I've suffered from some hearing loss. In my job my ears and voice are everything. But hear is the reality: Not only do I have tinnitus--hearing a fairly constant ringing--but I've lost some ability to hear some higher frequencies. It really became evident when I ventured into Sam's Club a few months back and had some time to kill while waiting for some tires to be mounted on my 'ol GMC truck. I noticed a booth set up near the entrance, and a nice man was conducting free hearing exams. Of course his intent was to sell hearing aids, but free is free, and I had no intention of buying hearing aids at 3K a pop. It was a fairly intensive test. At the end of it he had me try some hearing aids that he tweaked for my hearing loss. As we walked up and down the aisles of the store talking, it was like a miracle. I couldn't believe how much of a difference those little buggers made.

My profession has had a lot to do with my hearing loss, as headphones are a big part of my daily job, and I try hard to keep the noise level to a roar. But I'm thankful that I took the time to get my hearing checked. At least now I know why Shirley has been been hollering at me for the past few years.

If you think you're suffering from hearing loss, get checked out. Sometimes the fix might be easier and cheaper than you think.