Nothing like fun with pumpkins, and raising some money at the same time.

Challenger Learning Center of Maine does great work when it comes to making learning both fun and interesting for kids. Check out all the programs they offer at different times of the year.

And of course, those programs cost money.

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Once again this year to help with some fun fundraising, Challenger Learning has come up with a catapult. Yes, of course, kids are going to learn all about the history and purpose of catapults. But this event really puts the fun into fundraising.

This Saturday the 30th, the event will take place in their parking lot at 30 Venture Way in Bangor.  It begins at 9 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m.

Here is what to expect. First, early bird special discounted tickets are available for $12 per participant. But that discount ends today, so if you’re going to go, get those tickets now.  Ticket price increases to $15 tomorrow through the event. But Challenger Learning Center strongly suggests you get those tickets in advance.  No guarantee there will be any remaining on Saturday.

Saturday you’ll get a pumpkin and a chance to personalize the pumpkin at the decorating station, before the pumpkin is loaded onto the catapult.

Step back, and watch it fly.

3d rendering of an old wood catapult
Enrique Ramos Lopez

Fun?  You bet. If it survives take the pumpkin home.

There are other STEM-themed events and a goodie bag to take home.

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