The construction signs are going up and the jorts are coming out. Maine may be known as Vacationland, but those of us who live here year-round can still find things to bitch about.

The Flooded Cellar Band, a local group out of Lovell, Maine, wrote this parody country (blues?) song documenting alllll the part os Maine summah we know are just around the corner. Monday temps are predicted to be in the 70s (I know, right?!) which means you'd best store those parkas away until, oh, October? Although it is still April in Maine, so who knows. Keep your sweaters handy.

In the mean time, don those shades and git your country on with this stellar song.

Flooded Cellar has written a ton of Maine-based originals, like "I've Just About Had It With Winter",  "I Hope I'm Not In Jail On Christmas", and "Nobuddy Hear Likes Gote Cheaze".

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