The Portland City Council has voted to transfer its new contract with Waterfront Concerts to Live Nation.

The move came after the council heard public comments in regards to founder Alex Gray, who pleaded guilty to domestic violence assault last fall. But, the Portland Press Herald reports, some feel it's an empty gesture. Alex Gray has an agreement with Live Nation, so the national events promotion company could just subcontract the venue back to Gray. Councilors say they will be watching Live Nation very closely this summer to see how it handles the decision.

During the meeting, Erika Cole spoke about the alleged abuse she suffered. Representatives from Waterfront Concerts also addressed the meeting, asking the council not to punish the company, saying that they have always found Gray to be calm and professional. His conviction will be expunged if he follows the court's guidelines for a year, including having no contact with Cole.

A representative from Live Nation, Bob Duteau, told councilors that the company has a promoter in Massachusetts that can be used to continue the shows at the Maine State Pier, but that they feel severing ties with Gray is a mistake. He went on to say that, if the city doesn't want Gray involved, they will honor that decision.

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