Pizza is the Most Popular Takeout & Delivery Food in the World. But it’s at number two in the U.S.A.

Pizza landing at the top of the ratings all over the world isn’t that surprising. Pizza is Numero Uno in 44 countries. Italy. Check. Barbados. Check. Same for Argentina, Morocco, India and many others.

Have you figured out what the most popular takeout and delivery food must be in the United States?  It’s Chinese Food and Chinese is number one in 29 countries, including Mexico, Australia, The United Kingdom, and, ready, China.

Joe Raedle /Getty Images
Joe Raedle /Getty Images

When I read that Pizza was not #1 in the U.S., I had to really think about what was number one here.  It took some thinking, because personally since the rise of the popularity of Thai food, I haven’t eaten as much Chinese food as I once did.

My number one is fish and chips in the summer. There's nothing like all those great roadside "shacks" in Maine in the summertime. Other than fish and chips, pizza is my number one, but even pizza is much rarer than it used to be for me. I know that since the pandemic more and more people are getting take out or delivered food, but I've been bucking that trend and going to the grocery store more then I have in years.

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