There are some heartwarming photos at the Penobscot County Sheriff's Facebook page you may want to scope out. Earlier this week, they hit the road, setting out to do some good in the community. They headed to some local grocery stores in Hermon and Corinth, and started buying some groceries for some lucky folks.

It's a Secret Santa program they're doing, and it's awesome. As they said in their post... It really does a lot of good for everyone involved. The folks on the receiving end are thrilled to get a little much-needed help, and deputies get to enjoy the good feeling of helping their fellow citizen.

One man in one of the stores was so moved by what they were doing, he donated more money on the spot. Really, it's nice to get presents from people, but I always get much more satisfaction out of giving than receiving. It must be nice to just spend some time during your day, getting out and just helping people.

And for the deputies, it must be double nice to get out and do something like this. They're usually out helping us the way they do best, by protecting us from harm. But just getting out, and helping folks out with a few basic necessities must be a welcome change that has zero drama.

Keep an eye for these guys. They have plenty more stops on their Secret Santa trip before they're done. And maybe, if you're one of the fortunate folks blessed with enough, maybe drop the awesome cops a few bucks to keep up the good work. I guarantee you will not feel the least bit bad that you did.

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