Flashback a mere few months ago, I was on the hard water fishing with some sharp Oakley's from Mainely Eyes. Now that the ice has melted away, it's all about the Spring fishing baby!

But first, I couldn't head out to the shoreline until I stopped in to see my friends at Mainely Eyes inside Bangor Mall. Their team of expert opticians know me well, and sure enough, knew I would love a new line of shades that'll help me reel in that elusive big ol' bass!

So may I introduce to you...the one and only Captivate by Wiley X sunglasses, which you can find at Mainely Eyes. The perfect line of new shades for upping your fishing game!

From the moment I gazed through the lenses, I knew Wiley X made these suns with anglers in mind. The Wiley X – Captivate line of sunglasses are simply irresistible. The color defining lenses in these shades helps you see a broader spectrum of color, and cut through the glare of the water.

Now I'm not saying these totally changed my fishing game...BUT these shades definitely changed my fishing game! The lenses are so vivid, I could see the moment a fish gobbled up my lure in shallow water...or when I got hooked on bottom. Not to mention, they also offer great safety from UV light, and look pretty shahhhp on your ol' buddy Wolfie!

If you fish, you know contrast and depth is key when vetting a pair of shades for fishing. The Wiley X – Captivate lenses provide greater clarity, better depth-perception, increased contrast, and vivid color. Plus, the oleophobic coating keeps dust and dirt from sticking to lenses. Wiley X thought of everything when making these sunglasses!

As a glasses wearer, I NEED all of my glasses outfitted with my exact prescription. That's no problem with Wiley X - Captivate! I have the clarity I need with my prescription, plus all of the amazingness that these lenses come loaded with. If you wear contact lenses, you can pick up a non-prescription pair for yourself!

With Wiley X in the tackle box, you'll see why their mantra is “Sight. Cast. Repeat.”

Here fishy, fishy....