A Reddit user is warning the public about a potential parking scam in Portland. According to a post on the social media platform, scammers are placing QR codes on parking meters that lead to fraudulent, re-occurring subscription websites.

The user cautioned others not to scan any QR codes on the city's meters, as they could be signed up for the scam, which appears as “sys.chaos” on their billing statement. The user suggested using the city's actual parking app, which they said was reliable.

Another user recommended reporting the issue to the parking department with an exact location, such as the meter serial number or street address. The original user noted that they were unsure if the police would care, but the parking department would be able to remove the fraudulent codes.

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Some users expressed concern about the use of QR codes in general, noting that they can be used to mislead people. One user even suggested that it would be easy to replace QR codes in restaurants that direct customers to menus. 

“I've always thought it would be pretty easy to troll by replacing the QR codes in those restaurants that tell you to scan for the menu. I wouldn't do it because it's over my threshold for prank vs menace but the concept is funny.”

The post also mentioned the SeeClickFix app, which allows users to report non-emergency issues to the city. One user said they had already reported the malicious QR code on the app.

The location of the fraudulent QR code was identified as Franklin Street between Commercial and Fore. Folks who encounter similar scams are encouraged to report them through official channels to prevent others from falling victim to the scheme.

It is unclear how widespread the scam is or how long it has been in operation. The Portland Police Department has not yet issued a statement regarding the matter.

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