A Bangor health expert will host a series of informational sessions about vaping at schools, starting tonight in Hampden.

As a parent, I know how scary it is when a new substance is introduced to young people. You want to know everything you can about it, including what signs to look for in your child that indicates possible use, and what the dangers are. Our job, as parents, is to keep our kids safe, and we can't do that unless we have as much information as possible.

Vaping is one of the latest trends in high schoolers that's causing concern for parents. I think most of us don't fully understand it, whether it's really harmful, and what we should do if we think our teen is doing it. So, Roxane Dubay, of Bangor Public Health and Community Services, is hosting a series of informational nights on the topic. WABI-TV reports the meetings are open to the public and organizers hope parents, grandparents, educators, and anyone else with an interest in learning more about vaping will attend. The topics addressed at each session will include what vaping products look like, why health experts are concerned, and the laws and regulations associated with its usage.

The first of three meetings will be held tonight at 6:00 at Hampden Academy. Monday, October 7th at 6, the session will be held at Orono High School. And the final of the three will be October 17th at 5:30 at the Newport Cultural Center.

In addition, Bangor Public Health has some information available on their website.

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