We did it. We braved the cold weather and the wind chills and rode an abbreviated, safety-first Q106.5 Egg Ride on Saturday. Here are most of the riders, posing for the traditional group photo at the end.

Not every scheduled rider made it to the ride. Not everyone who rode made it into the group photo.

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But one thing was different. Because of the extreme, there were no Pine Tree Campers to ride or cheer us on. They are too smart to brave those brutally cold temperatures.

It’s much different when you are covered from head to toe with snowmobile suits and helmets, where not an inch of skin is exposed.

So shout out to the campers we see at these events when it is only cold, instead of dangerously bitter cold.

But when it is all said and done, the purpose of the whole event is to raise money for Pine Tree Camp's Open Door policy. They never turn a camper away regardless if they can pay the tuition.  That’s why we do The Q106.5 Egg Ride.

And Pine Tree camp has invented or rejuvenated numerous events to help raise money.

For 2023, the amount of money raised was right around $100,000.

This from The Q106.5 Egg Ride, the telethon, the Poker Run, the auction, the Radar Run and the cardboard eggs.

So thank you.

The jello eggs that rode with us were delicious.

Here are some photos from the event.

Q106.5 Egg Ride 2023

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