Maine's utility companies are reporting multiple outages across the state as a windy storm brings a wet start to the week.

Where Are the Outages?

Before the sun was even up on Monday morning, numerous communities were reporting outages. The power interruption is being caused by winds that TV'5's Todd Simcox says could gust up to 50 miles per hour inland and up to 60 miles per hour along the coast Monday morning. Complicating the repair efforts are rain south of Greenville and Millinocket, and a rain/snow mix north of that.

How Do We Report An Outage?

As of 6:00 am, Versant was reporting 5,688 outages in Deer Isle, Brownville, and Old Town. Central Maine Power says 16,896 customers were without power, as of 5:57 a.m.

  • Versant customers can report outages online or call 207-973-2000 or 1-855-363-7211.
  • CMP customer can report outages online or call 1-800-696-1000.

Crews will be out, working on restoring power as quickly as possible.

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Residents are reminded that it's never safe to touch a power line, even if the power is out. You never know when electricity might be turned back on and you don't want to be touching that line. Same goes for clearing branches or debris off power lines. Leave that to the professionals.

Is the Storm Making Driving Challenging?

Drivers are advised to use caution on their morning commute. As I drove in this morning, I encountered standing water on the road and some trash cans that had been blown into the travel lane. In those northern regions, drivers will also be dealing with wintry road conditions with that rain/snow mix. Take it slow, pay attention, and avoid distractions today while driving.

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