Ever wanted to be on a TV show, but you're one of those kinds of people who just doesn't get out that much? There's a new outdoor adventure show in the planning stages that is looking for Mainers who would like the chance to get outdoors and enjoy themselves.

Megan McGill is a Digital Media Producer at Hearst Television out of Omaha, Nebraska. You may have heard of Hearst Television as the parent company of Maine's WMTW 8. McGill is casting across the county in select cities and states for a new show called Finding Adventure, and she's currently looking in Maine.

She recently posted a casting call in the Maine Hiking group on Facebook:

MAINE! We’re casting for a new TV show called Finding Adventure and we want you (or possibly someone you know!) to have the experience of a lifetime. We’re looking for people who for whatever reason, don’t get out much. Workaholics, stay-at-home parents, maybe you have a fear you’re trying to overcome or something you’re working through that's keeping you from discovering all the adventure in your own backyard. Have you lived in Maine your whole life, but never taken the time to explore your own city? If you or someone you know would be a good fit for the show, fill out the survey at the link below!

If you want to apply, you'll need a photo, a write-up or video about yourself and you have to be 18 or older. Here's that survey link if you're interested.

We don't know much about if the show will be filmed here in Maine, what we can expect to see, or if this will be on broadcast television or streaming, but it sounds like it will be exciting. What better place for a show called Finding Adventure to cast and shoot in than the State of Maine?

If you apply, make sure you let us know if you get on the show so we can all watch!


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