Like most of us that live in the Bangor area, we've visited outlying towns countless times and have never given it a second thought as we cruised their main streets. Orono, Maine is one of those places. I've been to that town hundreds of times throughout the years, and have never really given it a historical thought.

Well, did you know that Orono has been around since 1774--incorporated in 1806--and was named after Chief Joseph Orono of the Penobscot Nation? And did you know that the University of Maine was originally named the Maine College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts?

Look at that, we all learned something new today. But wait, there's more to learn about Orono!

This Sunday, September 16, at 3:30PM, you're invited to a ninety minute walking tour of Orono titled, "The Heart of Orono." The focus will be the downtown area. Now here's the rub, you need to register in advance as space is limited. Call Mary Anne Eason at 941-9727, or email her at:

Now put on your walking shoes and get ready to put a few new wrinkles in that gray matter.

(Source: BDN, The Weekly, 9/13/12, Pg. W7.)