If you are a UMaine student you have probably been here! If you haven't, you are missing out on part of the college experience!

If you're going to go to school in Maine, you need a bar that celebrates snow days with specials. Good thing Orono has the Bear Brew Pub!

According to Delish.com The Bear Brew Pub is the 'Best College Bar' in Maine! With high points for location to the school, food, and happy hour the Bear Brew came out on top. How could it not?! With 3 levels all offering something different, there is something there for everyone.

One floor has food, including their amazing pizza and wings. Head to the dj and dance floor for some fun and the chance to let loose, or hang out in the more relaxing pool table level!

The Bear Brew Pub also is available to be rented for parties, fundraisers and special occasions.

If you do go to the Bear Brew be sure to try a 'County' pizza (bacon and potato) as Yelp reviews suggest!


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