We've had some pretty clear nights throughout this summer, and besides the SpaceX Starlink satellites that slowly float across the night sky, there have been other things as well that Mainers have claimed to see.

Unidentified flying objects. Yes, every now and then someone sees something up there that they just cannot explain.  Then, they report it to one of the few UFO websites that carry those sightings for all to read.

Now this writer has actually seen the International Space Station cross the night sky over Maine, as it does sometimes 5 or more times a day. Find out when it will again HERE.  And I have yet to see the Starlink satellites, but look forward to that exact second that I do and the initial fascination that I presume it will bring. One can also find out when and where to see them over Maine by going HERE.

But I have never seen a UFO, although others have claimed to do so.

According to The National UFO Reporting Center, someone in Ellsworth viewed something in the sky at approximately 13 minutes after midnight for about an hour this past Wednesday, August 26th. This is how they describe it:

"Small Circular Orange in color moving up, down, left, right switching between slow and quickly actions."

Meanwhile a few nights earlier in Oqunquit, someone saw this:

"Bright orange circle move from East to west over ocean then disappeared west."

Wow, two orange circular objects.  What do you think they were?

Then on August 14th in Lewiston, someone reported this:

"Large flash of light turned into a circle??  The object we saw was very large at first, It was a large red/yellow light. It lasted for a split second and then the light stopped. It started going moving strangely, like a zigzag motion except it was just getting higher while doing the zigzag motion. it looked like a satellite but it was going way to fast and they don't generally move like that."

Okay, enough of the orange circular objects already. Doesn't anyone from another planet drive anything pink and tubular?  I wish they would.

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