A forum in Machias to help stop the stigma with heroin and fentanyl addiction will feature the 'Opioid Warrnor,' Billy Pfaff.

Education is key to battling the addiction epidemic and end the stigma that goes with being an addict in recovery. Heroin and fentanyl addiction knows no age, class, or income level, affecting people in all walks of life and tearing families apart. It's time for Mainers to come together as a community and get the people struggling with addiction the help they need.

On Tuesday, January 17th, you're invited to an evening of education and open discussions about the issue. The featured speaker is Billy Pfaff, who is known as the 'Opioid Warrior,' and has been traveling the country, spreading the word since losing a loved one to heroin addiction. The event gets underway at 6:00 that evening at Machias Memorial High School's Gymnasium. For more information, log onto the event's Facebook page.

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