Ticks are ruining childhoods. There, I said it. Most of you that are reading this will probably agree, when we were kids, this stuff just didn't happen. Not one single time in my childhood, did I remember my mom picking one single tick off my body. Back then, ticks were just something the dog got. Even then, hardly ever.

And now, experts are reminding us that in the fall, ticks move into the dead leaves on your lawn. They choose that spot to take cover and ride out the cold weather. So just imagine, if you rake up all your leaves into one spot. you're absolutely consolidating all your ticks into one spot.

So then you decide, Hey....let's all jump in the leaves! Next thing you know, you're covered in bloodthirsty jerks. According to WRVO.org, we basically need to continue our spring/summer methods for tick prevention. If you're working in the yard, cover your clothes in Permethrin, and exposed skin should be covered with DEET.

But seriously, all that is well and good, but ticks are literally ruining kids' childhoods. Maybe they don't know what they're missing, but if you can't jump in piles of leaves, or walk in the tall grass, or go exploring in the woods, without fear of Lyme Disease or worse, then no wonder kids play video games and stare at their phone all day.

It makes the concept of government controlled, weaponized ticks sounds not so far fetched, right? Hopefully it isn't the case, but really, who knows? All I know is that every year, it seems we can do less and less outdoors because of stupid ticks. And that, is a dang shame.

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