How about a game? Name some that used to be under-rated, but now has crossed over to be over-rated.

I’ll go first. Although I have to confess first, I’m not a beer drinker. Not in many years. When I used to drink beer there was no such thing as ‘fancy’ beers. No specialty beer. No fancy bottles cans or labels or logs. And certainly no micro brewers with local, craft beer. Now there are so many local, craft beers that they might be considered over-rated. And when I say local, I’m not picking on Maine micro-brewers.  I mean local, from coast to coast.

Has White Claw gone from being under-rated to now being over-rated? You tell me. Again, I hate to be so judgmental.

How about one for 2020? Me Time. Used to be under-rated, anyone among us who wouldn’t now say it’s over-rated? I miss random contact with people.

Again, I’m not playing judge and jury, but Farmer’s Markets.  Used to be under-rated, but now they’re everywhere, and they became so trendy that they’re usually packed and the best stuff disappears fast. I know, I know, get there early.

Back to the year from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (Go Bruins), 2020, I’m going to say Old Disney movies used to be under-rated, but not anymore. They’ve moved to the Over-rated list when you see the same one, over and over and over.

And over.

And I’m not sure they were ever under-rated, because I saw through them instantly as a place to ‘rip someone a new one’,how about Yelp reviews. Any one pay any attention to them anymore?  Over-rated.

Let me know your list, and we can revisit this down the road. And go for it, Is the Number One rated Q106.5 Morning Show under rated, or over rated.

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