So.....good, bad, or indifferent...Facebook is an integral part of my job. And today, as I sat down to actually get some work done, my co-worker just casually says, "oh...Facebook isn't working". At first I kind of chuckled, and then as I tried to do just about anything, Facebook just stared back at me with it's dead eyes, taunting me.

Now, I'm not going to react the way some folks do, and absolutely lose my mind. Remember a couple years ago, when there was a viral story about a woman who called 911 because her Facebook page wasn't working?! I won't go that far. But, here's a few things we can do to survive until Facebook fixes itself.

  • Talk to a real person, and use actual words
  • Catch up on some work email, and try to thin out that inbox
  • Go to another website that isn't as glitchy as Facebook has been for the last hour
  • Call your mom. Bet you haven't done that recently enough.
  • Check your Instragram, or Twitter, or Snapchat, or even log into your old Myspace
  • Write your significant other an inappropriate email to brighten their work day
  • Eat lunch
  • Play cribbage on your phone in the bathroom (strongly recommend)
  • Walk over to someone else's desk and complain that Facebook still isn't working

These are just a few of the things you can do to entertain yourself for the next couple hours until Facebook pulls its digital head our of its digital you-know-where. The worst thing that could possibly happen to you, is that you'll realize just how little you interact with other human beings. And this will finally be your chance to...........

Oh, never mind! It's back!

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