So first and foremost, you should never, ever drink and drive. You should really never drink and do anything involving any kind of motor vehicle. That said, I think we've all been at this kind of party. You're hanging out with your friends, you've all way overdone it, and someone makes an outlandish suggestion.

And usually, at just about any party, there's always that one guy who's maybe had just little bit more than others, and thinks your totally over-the-top suggestion is going to change their lives for the better. Well, that seems to be what happened to 18 year old Tyler Stover, from Oakland.

WGME-TV13 reports that Tyler and his pals were having a little gathering near the Armistice Footbridge in Belfast. Naturally, someone thought it would be hilarious to ram some portable toilets with a truck, near the end of the bridge. Tyler, loving this brilliant plan, proceeded to use his own truck to demolish said commodes.

Belfast police Chief Mike McFadden had this to say:

The friends wanted to watch Mr. Stover ram his pickup truck into the outhouses. In his condition, that sounded like a reasonable thing to do.

But of course, his joy-bashing was the toxic gift that just kept on giving, as folks had to be called in to clean up the mess.

For the rest of us, the contents of the porta-potties was worse. The company that owned the porta-potties came and cleaned up the mess created by Mr. Stover, which was not a particularly enjoyable task.

The saddest part is, with all the charges levied against him, I doubt this story will ever be that funny. He's facing multiple charges including aggravated criminal mischief and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. Not to mention over $3000 worth of damage done to the outhouses.

Hopefully, Tyler has learned his lesson. But really... What a crappy way to learn it.


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