An initial report from the NTSB states that a plane that crashed in Presque Isle last week missed the runway altogether.

The United Express flight from Newark, New Jersey crashed at 11:43 a.m. on March 4th at the Northern Maine Regional Airport in Presque Isle. It was snowing that day, and early reports indicated that it appeared the plane had slid off the runway.

But an initial report, released Thursday by the National Transportation Safety Board states that the Embraer plane missed the runway completely. The plane landed between runway 1 and the taxiway, on its second approach to the airport, plowing through the deep snow. Radar track shows that the plane was also aligned to the right of the runway on the initial approach, when the pilot decided to circle around and try again.

Of the 31 passengers and crew on-board, only two passengers and one crewmember were hurt, and they sustained minor injuries. The airplane, however, was substantially damaged. The landing gear was crushed, with one piece of it becoming lodged in the engine housing.

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