Even in the age of DNA testing and other technical advances, 16 murders in Maine have gone unsolved in the past 20 years.

The state actually has 75 unsolved homicides. But the older cases seem to make more sense, with detectives trying to solve the crimes without all the newest advantages at their disposal. Without DNA testing, sometimes there simply isn't enough evidence to conclusively point to a killer. How frustrating it must be for police, when they're sure they know who the murderer is, but they don't have the evidence to prove it.

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In the past 20 years, DNA has been the basis for solving many crimes. These days, people can elude police for years, only to be caught because a member of their family sends their DNA into one of those genealogy sites. But, even with all the technology at investigators' disposal, there are still 16 murder cases in Maine, since the year 2001, that remain unsolved.

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