The Northern Maine Ice Busters are the ice carousel world record holders once again.

Northern Maine Ice Busters are the Ice Carousel Champs

They took back the title Saturday evening with a massive 1,776 ft. in diameter ice carousel on Long Lake. That’s 5,579 feet in circumference.

Maine Claims the Trophy for the Third Time

This is their third victory for the Northern Maine Ice Busters. The last time they broke the record was in April 2021 with an impressive 1,234 feet frozen carousel. They also claimed the title in 2018 with an ice carousel measuring 427 feet in diameter, according to the Bangor Daily News.

pitoute100 via YouTube
pitoute100 via YouTube

Maine, Minnesota and Finland have Won over the Years

The trophy has gone back and forth between Maine, Minnesota and Finland over the years.

The Zwilling family in Minnesota won the title in February 2020 with a  750 ft. disc The same team won again in February 2022 with a 1,325 feet in diameter ice carousel. 

In 2021, Finland took the world record in March of 2021 with a gigantic 1,017 feet in diameter carousel. They also won in 2017 with a 427 ft. in diameter carousel. 

A team from Quebec won it all in 2019 with a 688 ft. disc.

Northern Maine Ice Busters on Facebook

You can see a lot of videos and photos on the The Northern Maine Ice Busters Facebook page. The information is updated on a regular basis. You can trace the events over the years and see some of the different teams that work hard to make it happen in Maine, Minnesota and in Finland.

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