Here’s one thing that the pandemic and lockdown have taught us. Teaching kids is not as simple as we thought. It’s not just the school stuff, it’s the discipline of "doing the work" and paying attention to what they’re supposed to be doing, instead of letting their minds wander off to who knows where. Hopefully we appreciate the teaching profession a little more than we did prior to March of this year.

Thinking back to school days, I bet you can recall a teacher who had an effect on you and made a significant difference in your school years. Personally, I remember a history teacher who was very motivating to me. We were doing a study about United States and Canada relations, and he allowed me to do my project on the differences between US and Canadian radio.  He encouraged me in my love of radio in high school. He was always suggesting I was going to be successful in my endeavor to make it my profession.

When we have good and supportive relationships with our teachers, we’re better for it. And that’s just part of what has been reaffirmed since home schooling and distance learning began.

With all that in mind, Q106.5 encourages you to nominate a teacher in your child’s life who has been inspirational, especially during these trying times. You’ll need the Q106.5 APP to fill out the simple form to enter our contest.  We’ll randomly select an entry and award the student and the teacher each a $150 Harvest Moon Deli gift card. That’ll buy a lot of sandwiches.

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